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© Copyright Oleksii Kolodiazhnyi

About Me

Pushing that camera button over and over again until I see what I want to see. Then I drink coffee, and wait for months to edit.

Hey, so you're reading this "article" and asking yourself: "Who the hell is Alex Kolodyazhni?" And damn! What a weird name!

Well, I have an answer! I'm a portrait photographer from Ukraine, currently working worldwide, erotic portraits mostly, as you could imagine. Also I'm working with U.S. celebrities as a professional retoucher and video editor, mostly for their social media activity and magazines. What else...a YouTuber, Filmmaker, Twitch Streamer, Designer, Illustrator, Gamer, you name it.

Sooooo, have a look at my past projects, and feel free to reach out with any questions. Cheers!

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